Team Training, Coaching & Consulting:

Grounded in Neuroscience & Psychology

Whether you're looking for one-off masterclass, an immersive day, or a longer investment in your team... I've got you covered

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One-off Masterclasses

These concise masterclasses fit seamlessly into your schedule.

Designed to give powerful insights, uplevel expertise and drive immediate improvements.

Understanding how our brain works opens up a wealth of opportunity to sidestep stress and radically improve how we think, feel and behave

A powerful introduction to neuroscience relevant to any team, any business, any human!

60-minute masterclass delivered live (online)

In today's high-pressure world, resilience isn't just nice to have—it's essential. But, do you know how to actually build resilience?

Neuroscience shows us how!

60-minute masterclass (delivered live online)

Let's be honest, we don't always like change!

And neuroscience gives us powerful insight into why change can feel so hard... it is tough on the human brain.

This 60-minute masterclass helps you understand the brain's response to change, with simple strategies to both lead and experience transitions smoothly.

This fun 60-minute workshop provides 'light relief' for a hardworking team while also deepening understanding of what drives human behaviour and how to optimise it.

Perfect as a stand-alone session or as part of your team's off-site day, I can join you online for an engaging and enlightening hour.

Interactive Training Workshops

These interactive workshops are designed to give powerful insights, and opportunity for your team to immediately apply new learning to the unique challenges and opportunities in your business.

This powerful training fuses Neuroscience, Psychology, and the renowned work of Patrick Lencioni to elevate your team's performance.

Available as a full-day training

(or as part of a comprehensive training, coaching and consulting package)

Life as a leader is so much easier when you have influence. This powerful one-day workshop (grounded in neuroscience and psychology) is your comprehensive "how to" for mastering influence and building engagement

For senior leadership or management teams (also available 1:1 as part of a coaching/consulting package)

In-person or online

Team Leadership Training & Coaching

I offer leadership training and team coaching that's tailored to your team and business needs.

Get it Done

My Signature program... includes a powerful leadership framework that will change the way you and your team lead forever

How often are we inspired by new learning... but never apply it?

For optimal results and sustainable change invest in training + follow-up team coaching bespoke to your business needs

I offer short and long-term engagements

Want something just for you?

See my 1:1 services and offers for individual leadership development: