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Sometimes only 1:1 will do

I offer you the full scope of my professional expertise.  My undivided attention.  A non-judgemental, confidential space, that’s all about – and for – YOU

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My 1:1 offers (for people working in leadership roles) ...


Align: personal development program for authentic leadership

VIP Day: in person (Oxford, UK) or online

Bespoke coaching packages

Power Hour: online


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A powerful personal development program to empower you to step fully into your authentic self and become the leader you were born to become


… a premium experience for rapid results


A VIP Day focuses on whatever you want it to.  Come “suited and booted” for focused work.  Or, as you see me here, relaxed and casual in a cozy jumper

We have access to a private meeting room, white boards, screens and tech, if we need it.  Lunch in or out, as you prefer

The whole point is… it’s up to you.  Up to 6-hours of my undivided attention.  The full scope of my professional expertise

With the right support and intervention, things can be different (good different) in a surprisingly short amount of time.  One of my clients called it “a sprinkle of ALM dust”.  What a lovely thing to say.  I love that!

See below for full details & examples of areas of focus previous clients have chosen to work through

VIP Day... Small time commitment. Big result

Ideal for Business Owners, Executives & Directors neeeding a confidential space to unpick a complex issue, gain clarity, a fresh perspective and solution.  Life and leadership through the lens of neuroscience & psychology

See examples below (how clients have benefited from a VIP day)

VIP Day examples (click to expand)

On a VIP Day, the entire experience is tailored to your exacting needs.  But you may find it useful to get a sense of how my clients have made best use of our time together


Complex “people” issues:

Being in a senior leadership role can be challenging and isolating.  In any business, there can be dynamics at play that are difficult to understand & tricky to navigate

Personality clashes, conflicts or sometimes (sshhhh….. you don’t actually like someone that plays a critical role in your business).  Or a valued colleague is under performing, struggling with Imposter Syndrome or time management and your attempts to “turn that around” aren’t working

Business Owners, Executives, Directors & Senior Managers have found it invaluable to “unpick” a complex issue in a safe, confidential space

I support you to find clarity

Drawing on my expertise in human behaviour (and years of experience working with businesses and leadership teams).  Together, we explore the factors (subconscious & external) that may be driving unwanted patterns of thinking, feeling & behaving

From there, I resource you with skills and easy to apply strategies, so you can lead to a better outcome


Finding your purpose:

Life can feel empty, unfulfilling, if we’re not connected to our deep purpose.  What drives us.  Who were were born to become

In terms of leadership, purpose is also super-important.  It’s well evidenced that today’s talent value a sense of purpose in their professional life, above finances.  Purposeful leadership is an important factor when it comes to talent retention.  Leading with clarity and purpose is at the heart of all my leadership programs, for this reason.

I have supported many senior leaders to identify, and connect with, their purpose.  Finding a renewed energy and passion for life as a result.  It also makes a positive difference to the results you achieve professionally

Authentic Leadership:

Self-awareness is such an important attribute in a leadership role.  It’s well evidenced that today’s talent demand authenticity in their leaders.

Being authentic sounds good in theory… but is easier said than done!

It’s surprisingly difficult to “just be ourselves!”  Especially at work.  There are so many factors (external, conscious and subconscious) that create barriers to us living at the fullest expression of our potential, our values, our natural best

Drawing on my years of experience as a Hypno-Psychotherapist and Leadership Coach, we can take a deep-dive to reconnect you… to YOU

To identify and strengthen your natural leadership style… and above all, feel comfortable in your skin


Personal challenges:

You are in a senior role, you are good at what you do… but you are also a human being.  Life can be tough

There may be something painful happening in your life.  You may feel close to burnout.  Perhaps struggling with anxiety, Imposter Syndrome, acute or chronic stress, managing workload, lack of sleep, poor body image, low confidence.  Or facing a big decision about your career or personal life

I’m an experienced (UKCP Registered) Hypno-Psychotherapist, with more than a decade of experience.  I have expertise, and a track record, of supporting people to resolve deeply personal, and complex, issues

Qualifed to work with depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, complex trauma

Hypno-psychotherapy can bring positive shifts swiftly (not guaranteed).  But you may be surprised how much better things can be, after just one day of good support and the right intervention


Fast-track leadership training

Some of my clients have booked a VIP day before purchasing my Get it Done Leadership & Coaching program (for their team)

A VIP day can “confidentially condense” the training into one day.  This means that you, as the senior leader, have a good understanding of the framework and tools that your team will be applying in their work… without having to do the whole program yourself!

Time is your most precious resource, after all


Sounding board / good decision making:

There’s nothing quite like a non-judgemental, confidential, completely objective sounding board to take a deep-dive on business issues, strategy, ideas

I draw on my professional experience… but don’t give advice.  The approach is to offer coaching support for you to “arrive at” the very best decision for you and/or your business.  (I have a pretty nifty decision-making framework, that we can use too, if you want that)


Personal brand / influence:

Influence is everything in a leadership role.  The days of command and control are long gone

A VIP day can focus on positioning you as an impactful, influential leader.  Resourcing you with vital skills, such as active listening, powerful questionning, communicating with confidence, clarity & purpose


Time out!

And last, but not least… VIP days are time out from the day-to-day.  A space to just be you.  To “put down” all that effort.  I meet you where you are, as you are.  No need to prepare, no need to be anything other than how you are on the day

From what my clients say, I’m easy to be around.  Easy to talk to and relatable.  We have fun too.  Honestly, the hours fly by

Professional boundaries, of course… but the professional equivalent of a love bomb!

I can’t wait to meet you.  What do you fancy for lunch?!

Testimonials (click to expand)

There aren’t actually any testimonials on this page… but let me explain

As a UKCP Registered Hypno-Psychotherapist, client testimonials are a breach of the code of professional standards & ethics

The vast majority of VIP Days are Coaching & Business Strategy (not psychotherapy).  However, I still choose to respect my clients’ privacy.  VIP Days are a discrete service.  A confidential space

As the photo at the top of the page says… it’s all about, and for, YOU.  I don’t expect my clients to use their precious time marketing my business!

Many VIP days are booked through personal reputation and word of mouth.  If we don’t know each other yet, please do drop me an email

We’ll hop on a call and get to know each other a little, before meeting

Fee / practical info (click to expand)

Choose to meet in-person (in Oxford, UK) or online

In-person, we meet “somewhere nice” for coffee.  Then, if you choose to, we go to a private meeting room with access to wifi, big screens, white boards.  We have lunch in or out, as you prefer

Fee:  £1,495 (in-person).  £1,295 (online).  Includes 1 x half-day of follow-up Voxer access (voice note communication)

Upgrade: £1,895 for a further 2-weeks of Voxer access (£1,695 if we met online).  An excellent choice to support implementation & continue the dialogue.  Sometimes we experience a gem of a “penny drop moment” after we’ve “left the building!”

Email to express an interest, and we’ll hop on a call, get to know each other a litte and ensure we’re a good fit, before you commit

Bespoke Coaching Packages

For individuals & teams

One-to-one coaching packages, bespoke to your needs

Click here for more info

My coaching services are exclusively for businesses and career-focused individuals, in leadership roles, who value their personal life too

People with ambition, high standards and sound values.  Those of you that strive for a successful, fulfilling career.  Without sacrificing the people (and things) you love, want and need in your personal life

Short & medium-term coaching packages are available.  For individuals and leadership teams.  Services are fully bespoke to your needs

I also offer team training & solution-focused ‘away days’


Email to express an interest and we can hop on a call to explore the best options for you


Please note:

My capacity for 1:1 is currently very limited.  But please do email to express an interest

Power Hour

…(actually it’s 75-minutes, but that doesn’t rhyme as well)

For Clarity. Fresh perspective. Support. Action Steps

Focus time.  Ask me anything.  Laser coaching.  Whatever you need

Click for Fee / more info

What clients say:

Working with Alison is a great experience. She is so understanding and supportive, with a kind and caring attitude.

I felt completely at ease and knew she could offer a wide range of skills and expertise to support any scenario I brought her way. It left me feeling more confident than before and ready to tackle any obstacles that were thrown my way”

Jordan Allsop, Regional Manager, SMS Environmental

Here’s what to expect:

Click the button below to book a Power Hour

As soon as payment is received, you’ll receive an email with a short form to complete.  Your answers give me opportunity to plan the best use of our time together.  Once I receive your completed form, I send you a link to my calendar

Our session is on zoom and lasts up to 75 mins.  You receive a recording of the session and a summary of action points

Fee:  £350


Please note:

I have limited capacity for Power Hours.  If the link below is disabled, it’s because I’m unavailable / the waiting list has reached 3-months.  Please email to express an interest & I’ll let you know as soon as space opens up

If the button to book a Power Hour is disabled, this means I don’t currently have capacity.  Please email to express an interest/join the wait list.  Thank you… (and I’ll be in touch as soon as possible)

Alison Leverett-Morris

An Executive Coach, Leadership Development Trainer & UKCP Registered Hypno-Psychotherapist

Thousands of hours experience, with hundreds of clients.  A “people focused” career spanning 2 decades

I guess you could say I’m passionate about people living at the fullest expression of their potential


Our time together is about (and for) YOU.  But of course you want to check out my credentials before committing to us working together

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