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Hello, I’m Alison

I share Neuroscience, Psychology & my signature Leadership Framework, so that you can

✔️ Solve your most complex problems

✔️ Achieve your biggest goals

✔️ Live fulfilled

In your career. In your business. In your life

… without self-doubt holding you back

My clients call me their secret advantage

I specialise in working with high achievers who are in leadership roles

You may not identify with the term “high achiever”… but you may recognise yourself below 👇🏼

You are a superhero

When I say “high achiever”, I mean those of you that go above & beyond. You’re the ‘go-to solution’ to most problems.  And when the sh** hits the fan, it’s you that digs deep & steps up, no matter how tired you are

You have high standards, personal drive, values, ambition, big dreams, and a heavy workload. You struggle to balance career and private life

You want more

Sometimes you know how talented and capable you are.  It’s frustrating for you to be on a hamster wheel, and you feel you should be further ahead.  Other times, you feel the opposite, you battle Imposter Syndrome and fear you’re out of your depth

You are my kind of people.  You are the incredible humans I pivoted my career for

You’re superheroes.  And every superhero needs a guide (that’s me btw)

…. and every superhero needs a superpower 👇🏼


Neuroscience & Psychology

It’s not a silver bullet… but I go “all out” for my clients

Meet me half-way… you will get the results you’re paying for

My individual clients:

Find confidence, clarity and purpose.  Gain status as an outstanding leader, able to build engaged, high performing teams.  Know how to cultivate a culture for people to grow, feel fulfilled, contribute to their highest level

People love working for them.  They get results and achieve their business goals… without working harder

In their personal lives they enjoy better health and better relationships

They feel fulfilled

Enjoy a life of purpose and meaning. Live to their potential… without burning out… without self-doubt holding them back… without sacrificing the people and things that matter to them

My business clients:

Enjoy multiple benefits.  They have outstanding leaders who can build an engaged, high performing team that’s aligned with business values, vision and goals.  A culture that both attracts and retains talent.  Increased productivity… a strong sense of purpose.  Outstanding client or customer relationships.  Better results, a healthier bottom line.

Don’t just take my word for it…

Watch this short video of Gavin Harris, Co-Founder of SMS Environmental & Opuz Software Ltd

Working with Alison is a great experience. She is so understanding and supportive. I leave every session feeling more confident than before and ready to tackle any obstacle thrown my way

Jordan Allsop, Regional Manager

Alison is incredibly good at what she does.  She is so highly qualified in this field, using that knowledge with a backlog of life and business experience to great effect.

She understands people and their motivations better than anyone I know.  It is endlessly fascinating working with her.  She’s an absolute rockstar!

I’ve worked with Alison for many years

I have been able to make much better and braver decisions 

I’ve gained deep insight into what is driving me.  This has changed my life, given me new purpose and direction.

I feel braver with Alison on my side.

Clare Nash

Founder, Clare Nash Architecture

Back in 2019, I was sceptical about working with Alison. 

I thought it wasn’t my thing.  I was ambitious, hardworking, and thought I didn’t “need it”.  But the Business Owner insisted, for everyone on SMS’s leadership team to at least have an introductory meeting with Alison.

Fast forward to today, I’ve recently become CEO of SMS.  It’s impossible to know if this would be the case anyway.  But regardless, I have achieved a lot in my time with Alison.  She creates an environment to discuss and learn, whilst also being kept accountable on my longer-term development goals – the bigger picture mindset!

I look back and see that I used to be on ‘a hamster wheel’, keeping busy, but not having the impact that I wanted for myself or my teams.

Today, I better understand the needs and drivers of both myself – and people at all levels of our business.  Rather than trying to do everything myself, I leverage the talents in our teams. I see the value in ‘getting out of their way’.  Focusing, instead, on creating the conditions for everyone to step into their potential and purpose. 

My work is more efficient and impactful, I enjoy it more and I have better balance. 

We have procured many of Alison’s services; coaching, leadership training, team away days, facilitation, and consultancy.   This has enabled alignment across the business, not just the leadership team, but management and wider teams.

SMS is growing, we’re ambitious and strive for excellence. We’re moving into the next chapter of the business whilst holding on to our core values and our big WHY.

Our ability to do this has been shaped by the work Alison has done with our Leaders.


Michael Crook

CEO, SMS Environmental

Don’t wait for things to change before you take action

Take action and things will change

Alison's credentials in brief

I’m a former CEO (of an Arts & Mental Health Charity), with a master’s degree in Leadership.  I ran a business consultancy practice for a few years, but changed direction after maternity leave.  Embarking on a 5-year training to become…. 👇

A UKCP Registered Hypno-Psychotherapist. I worked in clinical practice for more than a decade.  I loved it (still do) and am proud to be part of this life-changing profession.  In 2016 I won The JP Noble Award for my specialist work in trauma, anxiety and mind-body medicine 👇

In 2018, an innovative business owner watched “Billions” on Netflix (Gavin, who you see in the above video).  This inspired him to “bring psychology in” to grow his business… and he found me.  (True story)

This set me on a new path that I wasn’t expecting👇

Fast forward to today, I’ve been coaching business leaders for 5 years

It feels like we ‘struck gold’ in terms of a process that’s genuinely a win-win: great for the individuals experiencing it, great for the business

I reduced my therapeutic work, scaled down my private practice.  Took further training to add neuroscience into my skillset (I’m now a Certified Neuro Coach too)… and ‘went back to’ leadership, facilitation and consultancy processes (from earlier in my career).  Bringing everything “into the mix” to create something new

💡My career looks like a well thought through plan.  It wasn’t.  But the ‘through line’ is my genuine passion for supporting people to reach their potential.  My experience over 25-years, went into the creation of my signature leadership framework, and the services I deliver today

My business mission is to share expertise from my field for my clients THRIVE in their chosen fields.  I want my clients go further, faster, easier than me!

My services are truly unique.  A fusion of leadership strategy, neuroscience & psychology… blending the primary elements of my expertise

Quite honestly (with the right-fit client) the work we do together is life-changing for humans and game-changing for businesses

I am active on Linkedin. Follow me for regular tips and insights

Life is too short for should’ve, would’ve, could’ve

Click the button and let’s talk.   Because if not you… then who?

And if not now… then when?