Get it Done

Leadership Coaching Program

powered by Neuroscience & Psychology


WINNER: for Innovation

National Facilitator Awards, UK, 2023

Master a Leadership Process

and go from “I’m too busy” to “I get it done” (brilliantly)

This is for you if….

✔️You lead a team or business

✔️You’re tired of running on a hamster wheel

✔️ You want to enjoy impactful, fulfilling work… and get results

You know when you waste time & $$ on training you never implement?


That won’t happen here


Right from the start, you apply a powerful leadership framework powered by neuroscience & psychology.  You work on something real.  Whether that’s a project you’re already working on, a longer-term business goal, a tricky issue in your team, or a personal leadership development focus – the choice is yours.


With access to bite-sized training videos, 1:1 coaching and group coaching (on zoom) you master the process and expand your leadership capabilities while working on a real-world task that’s important to you.


I’m with you every step of the way, ensuring you stay on track and accountable



You’ll Get it Done (brilliantly)


AND walk away with a leadership process that elevates you above the ‘hamster wheel’ so you can get results and ENJOY leading with confidence, clarity & purpose



Get it Done is an award winning leadership program – powered by Neuroscience & Psychology.


You know what you want… this program is your “how”.  You’ll go further, faster, easier than you imagined possible.

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You lead a team or a business

A Manager… Director… Senior Leader… Business owner… Entrepreneur… Solopreneur


You have high standards, experience & expertise in your field.

You’re ambitious for your professional life… but also want time & energy for your private life.  

You want to ENJOY living to your potential… without stressing out and burning out


People see you as ‘doing well’ (and I’m sure you are).  But what matters is:


YOU feel something is “off”


Something is inconsistent with your true potential and the person you aspire to be.  There’s some “thing” you want to achieve that isn’t over the line yet.  As clichéd as it sounds, you feel meant for more.  Could’ve, would’ve, should’ve regrets… are NOT what you want “future you” to be dealing with.


You’re feeling frustrated:


🙁 There are so many demands on you, making it hard to ‘move the needle’ on your most important, impactful work.

🙁 You care about standards and results – but being the ‘go-to-solution’ to most problems is a huge drain on your time.

🙁 You’re tired of “Imposter Syndrome” and would love to feel accomplished, with more status, influence, and agency as a leader.

🙁 You’re overworking and feel guilty that your partner, family & friends, or health, don’t get your best attention.

🙁 The talent, experience & qualities that got you to a leadership position, is not enough now.  You worry your potential has hit a plateau… and you want a powerful solution for leadership success.


Imagine how much more in control, accomplished, and fulfilled you could feel… (and how much more you and your team could achieve)… if you could get off the hamster wheel and turn your potential into reality?

Imagine having a leadership process that…

👍🏻 Ignites a powerful sense of purpose so you (and your team) are energised and engaged.

👍🏻 Sharpens focus at the brain-level, so decisions, strategies and actions naturally align with your desired outcomes and goals.

👍🏻 Is simple, practical, and easy to communicate and implement within your team.

👍🏻 Can be applied to small ‘day-to-day’ tasks AND your most ambitious goals.

👍🏻 Creates neural pathways so effective leadership competencies becomes an automatic way of thinking, feeling, behaving (no more procrastination or digging deep for ‘willpower’ when it comes to the tough stuff).

👍🏻 Brings amazing results for yourself, your team, your business, your clients.

👍🏻 Starts a ripple effect of exponential success that benefits your private life too.

Don’t just take my word for it…

I’ve got more out of this program than any training I’ve done.

The leadership framework was definitely a game-changer for us – and it will be going forward.  It’s how we run everything now.  People change around you.  It’s amazing to see that success when people understand the why, the purpose.

In terms of the goals and targets we set for this program, we got it done.  100%

The course changed the way I think and the mentality of what we should be focusing on as a business.  That was the main thing for me and was critical for us moving forward.

It’s a shift that will build the foundations of SMS for the next 10-years

Toby Maddox

Director, SMS Environmental

A leadership process is the #1 key to thriving as a leader


Without a framework to lead, even the most experienced leaders find themselves making common leadership mistakes.

The most common?

They assume people’s actions & behaviours will align with the vision and goals (only to discover… they don’t!)


Humans are complex.  Inefficiency and poor results often follow the CLEAREST of instructions.  And this is such an energy drain – because you don’t want to micromanage – but equally you have standards to uphold and targets to achieve.  The urge to control or just “do it yourself” isn’t irrational!

But it’s not just “other people”.

How often do we find OURSELVES swamped with tasks that do NOTHING to move the needle on our big goals?

It’s easy to get frustrated with our team… and with ourselves.  But…


There are reasons humans do what they do – don’t do what they should do – and don’t follow through on things they said they would.


Without a leadership process, that taps into natural human motives, impulses and drives… everyone gets stuck on a ‘hamster wheel’


There is a better way….


In “Get it Done”, I’m going to show you how to implement a simple Leadership Framework that becomes your #1 process for consistent results and success as a leader.

Most leadership trainings fall short because:

They focus on theories and skills… they don’t address the causes of action or inaction… and they fail to give you practical solutions that engage human motives, impulses and drives.


I invite you to join this learning experience.

You’ll walk away with confidence, clarity and purpose.

AND a process SO SIMPLE (and powerfully effective) you’ll actually USE IT!


Look forward to more AGENCY as a leader.  And elevating your status as a purpose-driven leader who gets consistent results.


Sound good?  Read on….

Here's what we're going to do together

1. Elevate


✔️We’ll start with bite-sized videos, sharing the #1 thing that holds leaders back… and how powerful insights from Neuroscience & Psychology elevate you above that

✔️Then we’ll elevate your journey towards exceptional leadership using a ‘rapid results’ approach: applying the leadership framework to regular day-to-day tasks (things in your comfort zone) to bank some early wins

The result:

Positive change at the brain-level.  Your brain learns through repetition and enjoys the dopamine hit of “easy wins”.  So you’ve primed your brain to change its “architecture”… ready to unlock greater leadership competencies and put success on autopilot.

2. Implement

We’ll take a deep dive into each step of the leadership framework – using powerful tools to craft your compelling future, clarify your immediate goal, ignite your natural strengths and mobilse inner resources… for action.  You implement (following the framework)… because nothing changes if nothing changes.  With leadership coaching and accountability every step of the way, so that:

✔️Your desired outcomes are clear and “wired in” to the highest functioning parts of your brain (and you get a powerful tool to help you with this)

✔️You are connected to your purpose:  not just your “business why” but your deep personal why (we do this part in a private 1:1 coaching session)

✔️ You have the right strategy to get the result you’re working towards.  Strategy is important!  (One of my pet peeves is coaches saying “it’s ALL about mindset”.  Mindset is critical… but so is the RIGHT strategy).  You get a powerful decision tool here… to filter out ‘red herrings’ and ‘shiny objects’ that have no place in your strategy!

✔️Consistent, purposeful action, that’s aligned with your near goals and your ultimate desired outcome

The result

You got it done.

Real-world action taken… an important task or project DONE.

A brainset, a mindset, and a framework for leadership success MASTERED (which, with repetition, will put EFFECTIVE leadership on AUTOPILOT).

3. Integrate

✔️We’ll integrate leadership success into your identity

✔️We’ll integrate the leadership framework into your team


One of the biggest mistakes high achievers make is to swiftly move on “to the next thing” barely noticing what they’ve accomplished.

Celebrating wins matters.  Deep recesses of our brain need to register what we’ve mastered, before we can FEEL accomplished.  Feeling accomplished matters… because it’s vital for your self-imageAnd self-image matters because our “autopilot behaviours” align with our self-image.

(One of the strongest drives in the human personality is to stay consistent with who we believe we are).

Failing to integrate leadership success into your identity keeps you stuck.  You subconsciously repeat old patterns that no longer fit the person you are today, and the person you want to become.  AND failing to integrate leadership into your identity inadvertently positions you (in the eyes of OTHERS), as a hard-working individual contributor NOT a leader (which just reinforces the problem).

Remember, leaders inspire and influence OTHERS to take actions that align with their vision and goals… so how people ‘see you’ matters.  (No matter your job title, no matter your achievements, you are not a leader if nobody follows your lead)

So… we will integrate leadership success into your self-image and identity AND support you to communicate the framework so your team’s behaviours naturally align with your vision.  It’s a game-changer.


The result

A leader’s identity: Confidence, self-belief and certainty in your leadership capabilities and potential.

Powerful change to your brain ‘architecture’:  optimal conditions for ongoing application of the leadership framework, purposeful action and results.

Also expect:

✔️Increased confidence and less of the ‘I’m not good enough’ angst (and what’s commonly referred to as “Imposter Syndrome”).

✔️An inner certainty that builds natural authority, elevating your status and positioning you as an effective, purpose-driven leader who gets results.

✔️Dopamine hits that condition your brain for consistent action (no longer having to rely on willpower).

✔️Resilience. Greater capacity to ENJOY the journey to your desired outcomes, whatever the weather.

✔️ A leadership process that becomes the foundation of how you lead.  Your springboard to a high performing team, consistent results, and greater success with a lot less stress.


Life is TOO SHORT for should’ve, would’ve, could’ve

Get it Done

Leadership Program

powered by Neuroscience & Psychology

Learn how to elevate your thinking above ‘survival brain’ and engage your ‘leader brain’.  Bank some early wins to program your brain for leadership success

Follow a leadership framework to address a real-world business problem, challenge or opportunity.  Achieve a tangible result AND master a process that sets you apart as a purpose-driven leader

Integrate leadership success into your identity… and integrate the leadership framework into your team.  So your behaviours (and your team’s actions) naturally align with your vision, purpose and goals

Here's what you get when you join us:

Get it Done training system

You’ll get video trainings for the entire Get it Done leadership process, broken down into bite-sized pieces you can easily digest.

For every step of the leadership process you get a powerful tool, so you can IMPLEMENT what you learn in an impactful way.

You get lifetime access to the program, including any new trainings or bonuses that I later add to the program

(value: £3,000)

Personalised coaching & support

You’ll get meaningful support every step of the way.

  • 8 small-group coaching sessions, that I personally lead
  • 1 x 1:1 coaching session
  • Option to upgrade to VIP, for additional private coaching & mentoring with me via Voxer voice notes

You’ll also get recordings of the calls

(value: £3,750)

Accountability & Community

I’ll personally answer all your questions in a private Facebook group.  And you’ll also benefit from support, ideas, and inspiration from fellow leaders in the group

And you’ll get weekly accountability check-ins to keep you on track.

(value: £2,000)

Plus these special bonuses:

Flex your Leadership Style

An inspiring & informative digital training that will help you identify your natural strengths as a leader… and ‘flex your leadership style’ to best meet the demands of your leadership role

(value: £200)

Believe you Can

A digital training you’ll return to again and again to replace limiting beliefs with empowering, resourceful beliefs.

(value: £200)

Take Back Time

A short, but powerful training that will change the way you think about time… and more importantly… give you strategies to invest it differently!

(value: £100)

Let's recap what you get:

✔️Life-time access to the entire Get it Done training system: a unique leadership process powered by Neuroscience & Psychology (value: £3,000)

✔️ 1 x 1:1 Leadership Coaching session + 8 x small-group coaching sessions with Alison (value: £3,750)

✔️ Private group with daily feedback from Alison + support and inspiration from a community of leaders (value: £2,000)

✔️ BONUS: Flex your leadership style training (value: £200)

✔️BONUS: Believe You Can training (value: £200)

✔️ BONUS: Take back Time training (value: £100)


The total value

of everything you get is: £9,250.  You can get it ALL for £1,997 (or 3 payments of £697)

Lifetime Access to the Entire Program

Valued at £9,250

You pay just £1,997

(or 3 payments of £697)

(Pay in US dollars if you prefer)


Just a little about me…

Hello, I’m Alison

I’m a Leadership Coach who specialises in working with super busy (and driven) high achievers.  To me, anyone who steps up to a position of leadership is a superhero.  You work hard, go above and beyond… and I want you to ENJOY it (and thrive at the fullest expression of your potential).

The services I offer today draw on a 25-year career.

My expertise is human behaviour.  I’m a Certified Neuroscience Coach and also a UKCP Registered Hypno-Psychotherapist (with over a decade of experience in clinical practice).

I’m also a former CEO (of an arts and mental health charity) and have a Master’s degree in Leadership.  I’ve been offering business consultancy services since 2007.


In recent years I developed my own unique approach to leadership development:

Leadership through the lens of Neuroscience & Psychology

And I was so proud that my work was recognised at the National Facilitator Awards 2023.  I was awarded “Most Innovative Facilitator UK” for this Get it Done program


I developed Leadership through the lens of Neuroscience and Psychology because we are ALL human.  We get things right, we get things wrong.  We achieve extraordinary things… and sometimes we mess up.

Progress over perfection is how I roll.

I have wonderful clients.  And I hope you will become one of them

Hear from people I've worked with

This has changed my life, given me new purpose and direction

I have been able to make much better and braver decisions because of these groups.  I’ve gained deep insight into what is driving me

Alison is incredibly good at what she does.  She is so highly qualified in this field, using that knowledge with a backlog of life and business experience to great effect

She understands people and their motivations better than anyone I know.  It is endlessly fascinating working with her

I feel braver with Alison on my side

She’s an absolute rockstar!

Clare Nash

Founder, Clare Nash Architecture

I procured this program with an outcome in mind.  To address a business need and professional development needs.

One of our regional departments was struggling with delivering our expected levels of service and growing to its full potential.  This was all occurring at a time of leadership change within the organisation.

We set up the target outcomes, and Alison worked with the new departmental leadership team over an 8-week period to gain real traction, that has created a noticeable mindset shift within that department.

Since our first experience of “Get it Done”, I’ve contracted the program again (twice), to address business needs in two other departments.

SMS is growing, we’re ambitious and strive for excellence. We’re moving into the next chapter of the business whilst holding on to our core values and our big WHY.

Our ability to do this has been shaped by the work Alison has done with our Leaders. I highly recommend working with Alison.

Michael Crook

CEO, SMS Environmental

Working with Alison is a great experience. She is so understanding and supportive, with a kind and caring attitude.

I felt completely at ease and knew she could offer a wide range of skills and expertise to support any scenario I brought her way. After every session it left me feeling more confident than before and ready to tackle any obstacles that were thrown my way.

My confidence has changed and I’m more in the mindset that I belong in this role.  I can lead situations with a lot more confidence.

If I’d had to go on a year-long course, I wouldn’t be as positive as I am now.  Because I’ve had that quick-fix.  We’re seeing results .  I can already lead with a lot more confidence

You can apply everything that’s in the course to every situation.  You’ll always be linking things back to tools we’ve learnt on the course, using them to bring things back on track.

Jordan Allsop

Regional Manager, SMS Environmental

I came to Alison at a career crossroads, although I didn’t appreciate at the time that’s where I was.

Working with Alison, and the group, I felt like a rough diamond learning to sparkle

I found I had all these hidden skills, which had been buried under tiredness, self-limitation and insufficient time invested in me, by me.

I expected to learn skills to support my professional ambitions, and I certainly have.  But it was deeper than work.  It’s about who I want to be.

I am signficantly more resilient, resourceful and insightful.  I have developed a fortitude that surprises me.  I am clearer about what I want (that uncertainty has been my downfall).  I have gained more self-respect and that is pretty valuable.

I’m still me, yet more accomplished and polished somehow.  I like myself more.  I think I have found what was missing.  How great is that.

Kate Phizackerley

Information Compliance Manager, Oxford Brookes University

Listen to people share their experiences of this program in the videos below

Lifetime Access to the Entire Program

Valued at £9,250

You pay just £1,997

(or 3 payments of £697)

(Pay in US dollars if you prefer)


Do you have any questions?

Q. What if I can’t make a coaching call? No worries. You can ask a question in the private community or by email and I will answer it during the call.  You’ll have access to all the replays, so you can watch anytime you like.


Q. What happens when I join? You’ll get immediate access to the entire training system, so you can get started straight away.


Q. Is this program for beginners or more advanced leaders? Whilst some of my programs are for Business Owners & C-Suite only… THIS program is genuinely a great fit for newbie leaders AND very experienced leaders.  If you are new to a leadership role, starting out with a clear, effective leadership process will spare you SO much of the time and stress others have gone through.  If you’ve been in leadership positions for years, this program will give you clarity, renewed energy and a process to take you to your next level.  I understand that some people in senior roles prefer to work 1:1 only.  If this is you, please email me and we can discuss a bespoke package.


Q. I’m very busy, what’s the time investment required? Like anything, the more you put in the more you get out. That said, I have designed this program with the super-busy, overworked professional in mind.  All training videos are short (most are 5 minutes).

In addition to the digital resources, there’s one (90 minute) private 1:1 coaching session + 8 group coaching calls (90 minutes) which happen weekly.  There is HUGE benefit in being present for the whole call (some of your biggest insights and breakthroughs will come from observing me coach others)… but I do understand it’s hard to find 90 minutes every week.

So I operate a “list system”… you’ll see the order of names on the list of laser coaching slots.  It’s fine to work in the background while the call is happening, or hop back in for your slot.  OR you can post a question and watch me answer it on the replay.


Q. Can I get help in between group coaching calls? Yes, in addition to the weekly zoom call, you can ask questions in the private Facebook group. I answer these once a week and no question is left unanswered.  (There is also an option to upgrade to VIP… here you get personal support and mentoring on Voxer through voice notes).   In the Facebook group you’ll also get valuable support from the rest of our community


Q. Can I get a refund? No. I don’t offer refunds because you’re getting immediate access to the entire training system.


Q. Can I purchase this program for my entire team, department or business? Yes, and this would mean that the group coaching calls would only include you and your team.  There is also an option for this program to be delivered as a stand-alone Team Away Day (with or without follow up coaching).  Also it’s available as a 1:1 bespoke package for your business, with private coaching.  Many CEOs and Business Owners choose this option.  Email me and we’ll arrange a call to discuss in more detail.


Q. What if I have a question that wasn’t answered here? You can email me

Lifetime Access to the Entire Program

Valued at £9,250

You pay just £1,997

(or 3 payments of £697)

(Pay in US dollars if you prefer)


Prefer bespoke?

This program can be delivered as a bespoke package in your business

As a stand-alone Team Away Day

A Team Away Day, with follow up team coaching (and life-time access to the digital materials)

Or a VIP one:to:one experience (often chosen by CEO’s and Business Owners)


Drop me an email and we’ll arrange a time to talk

Thank you for reading.  Let’s get this done!

Let’s stay in touch…

I am active on Linked-in so follow me or connect, for regular tips and inspiration